Les Chasses

Garden open to the public by kind permission of Mr. David Roberts

Brief history and description

Les Chasses is a beautiful old Jersey granite house surrounded by a delightful parkland garden which has undergone a considerable amount of work over the past few years.


The house is approached by a box-lined driveway leading to a courtyard containing a planted cider crusher and a characterful old pump.The lawn to the side of Les Chasses has beautifully planted herbaceous and mixed borders and trees leading to the walled garden at the rear of the house. A lavender coloured wisteria covers both wall and house and the trees include a magnificent tulip tree (Liriodendron), weeping willow (Salix), gingko (Gingko biloba), apple (Malus domestica) as well as palms and various magnolias.


The bamboo and camellia lined path at the rear of the garden leads to the Pine Walk and on to the spring-fed pond where rafts of ducks have made their home. There is an abundance of wildlife to enjoy in the bucolic setting of the garden and Neil and Ali from Birding Tours (Jersey) will be leading a guided tour around the grounds.


By the duck pond you will find a gate leading into an exquisite rose garden, open by kind permission of Mrs Sue Russell, whose late husband Jock created it in 2006. The design of the garden was inspired by the east window in the Fisherman’s Chapel in St Brelade and the planting tells the story of the history and evolution of the rose from its origins in China in 1421


Amble back along the tree lined walk where many pines (Pinus sylvestris) have been planted in order to encourage a squirrel corridor. A vegetable garden, greenhouse and a lawn planted with larch, spruce and pines and a sunken garden lead to the tea area where our usual delicious Jersey cream teas are available.


Bus La Rue des Chasses

St John

JE3 4

4th of July

Bus Routes

Route 5 (Liberation Station – St John’s Church) or Route 7 (Liberation Station to St John’s Church)