About Us

JAYF is a charity founded in 1961 in Jersey. We are committed to helping young people experiencing homelessness by providing safe, secure accommodation. Our aim is to work proactively with young people facing complex barriers to help develop the skills they need to live independently.

JAYF has four hostels, offering supervised, furnished bedsit or small studio type accommodation for 26 young adults.
Each hostel has a resident House Supervisor. In addition, it has three one-bed flats in one house offering independent living. Rooms are equipped differently in each hostel, but all have basic bedroom furniture, domestic appliances and bedding and towels. Residents have access to kitchen, bathroom and laundry facilities where personal hygiene products and basic food and store cupboard items are provided. Residents stay on average between 6 months and 3 years.
JAYF uses an attachment-aware approach and trauma-informed practice to build support for its young residents.
We co-operate and affiliate with like-minded organisations to support the coordination of Jersey’s homeless strategy. We are independent of government, with funds coming from the rent of residents, fundraising events, grants and the generous public and private sector.

Our Vision

To see the elimination of youth homelessness in Jersey, so that all 18-25 year olds are aware, and have access to, decent accommodation which supports their needs as and when identified to help them thrive, contribute and belong to the community.

Our Mission

Provide safe, affordable, supportive, supervised short- and medium-term accommodation to young individuals between the ages of 18 and 25 who might otherwise be homeless in Jersey.
Provide a degree of stability and security as a stepping stone to enable residents to find employment and find more permanent accommodation.
Provide holistic, person-centred, responsive, flexible, quality support, in a positive environment where issues connected to homelessness can be addressed.
Empower residents to achieve their goals and get access to appropriate services.

Our Values

JAYF works proactively assisting young people facing complex barriers in their lives including systemic inequities and discrimination that lead to disadvantage and marginalisation.
JAYF believes a young person’s circumstances should not define their future and that given the right support, everyone can reach their true potential. JAYF’s statement of values underpins and guides our practice; service delivery; individual and organisational behaviour.