Moving into a place of your own

Although rough sleeping is the most visible form of homelessness, far more people experience ‘hidden homelessness’. Pushed to the brink, these are people sleeping on the sofas of family and friends, living in cars or other temporary accommodation with no stability or security.

Becoming a resident of JAYF and having a place of your own, perhaps for the first time, involves major changes. It is often a very exciting period and will solve problems that you had because you were homeless.

But you may find it stressful at times, or you may feel alone. These experiences are very common when people are moving home and you will get through them. It is quite common to miss what you have been used to when you make such a major change.

Don’t suffer in silence! We understand how you are feeling and are happy to listen and, if appropriate, offer advice. That is part of why we are there.

What you can expect from us

We will treat all residents with fairness and respect
We will provide opportunities for you to scrutinise our performance and make recommendations for improvement
We will ask for your opinion on changes that affect you
We will provide choices, information and communication that are appropriate to the diverse needs of our residents
We will keep all your information confidential in line with the Data Protection Act. We will not share it with other organisations without your permission, unless we have to by law.
We will make sure our Complaints Policy is clear and easy for everyone to access
We will monitor all complaints we receive to see if we need to make any changes to our practices, policies and procedures
We will maintain your accommodation to a decent standard
We will provide clean accommodation in a good standard of repair and decoration with all the basic furniture you need when you move in
We will ensure that high standards of health and safety are maintained

House Rules

JAYF has House Rules, developed to make sure that living with JAYF is as positive and enjoyable an experience as possible.

Our residents have the right:

Our residents have a responsibility: